Gummy Bears MiniGolf
Publisher: Storm City
Rating: E - Everyone
Platform(s): Wii DS

  This game isn't really about Gummy Bears but is a disingenuous tie-in to a relatively fun family miniature golf game. You only have to look at the summertime crowds around this activity to sense its popularity.
There are a number of courses - each getting more and more difficult (relatively speaking) with sand traps, water hazards and berms and angles as challenges. On the way to getting an under par score, you can hit coins that you spend to dress up your Gummy Bear. Players will advance through different theme parks which populate the area just outside of the golf course. These courses are not in a wide open area but are circumscribed ramps. Each different park, Adventure, Rainbow, Fairytale and Candyland are animated with clever cardboard-like objects.
The game plays much the same on the DS as it does on Wii - setting up the angle and direction for your golf swing is the easy part - the power of the stroke, whether by stylus or remote requires fine tuning.
The bears are neither gummy or tasty - but they are colorful.

  • To Order: WII $19.72
  • To Order: DS $19.99