10 Minute Solution - Review

10 Minute Solution
Rating: E - Everyone

You are forewarned - the blond babe on the cover has her dukes up. You have to like boxing because there's a lot of it in this exercise video. Exercise choices consist of six cardio boxing, six step aerobics and four mixed games, one being Pugil which is like boxing but with a stick that resembles a Kayak paddle. Actual sport requires protective gear.

What this game offers is exercise in ten minute increments and the option of scheduling a custom two day or full week of sessions. It is rigid in its format - you can't easily look at all the exercises without having them being automatically selected in one of your exercise plans. Tutoring lessons don't quit until you have successfully completed the moves. The game uses the Wii nunchuk and remote with the option of the balance board for the step exercises, and moves must be done as the icon passes through a square.

The nstructions are not sufficient, and who is instructor and who you are on the screen is not immediately clear. Jessica gives you gratuitous tips at the beginning of your sessions. And the choice of backgrounds do not add much. There is an exercise video included which I found to be much easier to follow. Maybe making a game of it is not the way to go.

Exercise is a bore. Period. In trying to make it interesting, this game becomes a head exercise in trying to figure it out. How about simple gymnastics - or just following a video.

Fun Factor: None. Hey it's exercise.
Female Factor: Jessica gives tips
Player Friendly: Needs better instructions.

Reviewed by: Editor - Sep/10

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