Alphabet - Play With the ABCs - Box

Alphabet - Play With the ABCs
Ages Everyone

Ignore the title - buy it for yourself, your kids, your grandchildren. I have seven copies. Alphabet - Play With the ABCs is another game drawn from the graphic art of Kveta Pacovska. Like Midnight Play this one is also hard to pigeon hole. It belies description. It's like looking at an animated quilt, or an aquarium, playing with a kaleidoscope or walking though a museum where you can touch the paintings. The artwork is incredible, the sounds, great and the silences, wonderful. Of course there are letters - but you have never seen letters like these. Simply moving the mouse produces effects and the keyboard can be played like a piano - introducing letters into the art. Unexpected humorous touches have produced chuckles and even loud laughs in our office. Between the laughs and the unique sound track I can always tell who is at the game.

Editor Review 12/00

  • Alphabet - Play With the ABCs
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  • Windows 95/95/NT 4.0 Macintosh System 7.1
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