Blackwell Deception - Review

Blackwell Deception
Rating: NR - Not Rated

They are like old friends Joey Malone, and Rosa Blackwell the ghost /psychic team. When I finished Blackwell Legacy in January I had gotten fond of those little sprites. Amazing how the simple graphics can carry the story when coupled with great voice acting, unusual plot, snappy dialog and good music. Every character is voiced individually watch the scroll at the end of the game.

About the plot this team is still encouraging souls to accept the great beyond, only this time they meet up with powerful half human, half ghost adversary. It brings in a new level of complexity the possibility of a supernatural mafia and outer-world alliances. The characters are developing also Joey enjoys a kissing episode with another ghost and Rosa becomes pro-active in the pursuit of this demon, which actually puts her life in danger. The plot thickens for another game. Wadjet Eye has a good thing going.

Fun Factor: Absolutely engaging
Female Factor: Rosa is developing into a stronger character
Player Friendly: Yes - and remember to check the ending scroll

Reviewed by: Editor - Nov/11

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