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The Corporate Machine
Ages: Everyone

If you believe the hype on this one, you will be playing this game for years. Well, we don't have years so we are doing a quick review and will provide for an update after the holiday rush. If you get it and play it - send us a review.

The manual reads like Business 201 and makes you wonder if the producers are ex venture capitalists. The game's philosophy, “Business is War”, should give you some idea as to the kind of action that makes for a winner. There are three industries that you can engage in - Automobiles, Computers and Military Aircraft. The manual is amusing and hints about the various strategies - the Bill Gates or the IBM way - but you're free to make your own. You can play the game against the computer or if you want to match your business acumen against others - the Internet awaits. The game should be irresistible to the dot-comers who have time on their hands and who want to try it again - and maybe develop the “killer strategy”.

Editor Review 11/01

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