Destination: Treasure Island - Review

Destination: Treasure Island
Ages: Everyone 10+

It's sort of a puzzle a minute, but since they're not timed, you can take your time to figure out Long John Silver's enigmas. No sooner do you solve one, there is another epistle to tease out the clues from. They're fun, amusing and even literate, with a parrot to egg you on.

You play Jim Hawkins, befriended by LJS who has left a map and clues to his treasure. Escaping three murderous thugs, you head for Emerald Island and therein begins the search. It's not an overly large island but there is plenty about it that is menacing. This is not a violent game. The bad guys must be thwarted but there are no boss fights. You will be mainly fetching, building, mending, repairing, and solving puzzles that will open doors and gates to passageways and new areas. The inventory grows very large and it's a good idea to organize items as to things likely to be needed now and those for later. Using the inventory is a bit kludgy. You have to click to open the inventory screen, click on the item, and then use the back button to return to the scene – but you get used to it. On the other hand, navigation is easy and once you have explored an area you can return to it by simply clicking on the corresponding icon on the map. A clever bit of puzzle business involves learning the steps to tie sailor knots – clove hitch, half hitch, even some fancy macramé.

The puzzles fit well within the story and although some are a bit obtuse, the clues are all there, as you realize after finally solving the puzzle. So, Matey, pay attention to the fine print.

Fun Factor: Clever puzzles plus lessons in tying knots.
Female Factor: Hrumph.
Player Friendly: Easy play, clues are all there, plenty of saves -- even for multiple players.

Reviewed by: Editor - 08/07

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