Enchanted - Review

Enchanted (BlueRay)
Ages: General Audience

Enchanted is the kind of spoof at Disney movies that those who love 'em or hate 'em can really enjoy. The bare bones story is that of a princess from a kingdom far, far away transported to Brooklyn by an evil queen because the evil queen wants Giselle as far away as can be from her son. Talk about overprotective mothers. Fairytale princesses in Brooklyn? Cows in Berkeley? And that is just the beginning of this humorous and joyfull spoof. As the story progresses - the viewer experiences a feeling of deja vu, and that is intentional. Here are some of the similarities between the movie and older Disney episodes.

Amy Adams is cast as Giselle - the exiled princess, James Marsden is her handsome prince/lawyer, and Susan Sarandon is the evil sorceress Narissa who doesn't want a daughter-in-law.

Fun Factor: Spoofs to work have to be good and this one is.
Female Factor: It's a girl/woman movie

Reviewed by: Editor - 04/08

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