Evidence: The Last Ritual - Review

Evidence: The Last Ritual
Ages: Mature

Don't start Evidence The Last Ritual unless you are totally committed. If you are, your reward will be a uniquely terrifying experience. This whole production is of a piece, from the packaging to the e-mails. The game comes in heavily sealed package with "Evidence" boldly plastered in red across it. The official label gives the ID numbers, and names of the NYPD detectives who have signed off on the chain of custody for this unsolved case of serial murders. Not being privy to police matters, I hesitated to open it even though I knew what it was. It comes on three disks for all flavors of Windows from 98 up.

To start out you have to set up your e-mail and login then load the Evidence disks. This set-up is necessary since you will be receiving many e-mails. Keep them they have useful clues. The game takes off where Missing ended though it is not necessary to have played the previous game because you will be brought up to date.

There are two parallel stories. The continuing one is to find out what happened to Jack the journalist in the first game, the other involves a sister looking for her brother Adrian who disappeared a couple of years ago.

Basically its a puzzle game where clues are everywhere in the emails, in the chapter images, in the movies, and on the internet. It will call upon your skill in observation, your ability to connect disparate clues, and require lots and lots of bird dogging on the internet. Meanwhile Phoenix the same perpetrator as in Missing feeds you bits of information, videos, hints along with a large dose of contempt and nudging. You really want to get this guy. Evidenceearns its "M" rating with not only the story, but also the unnerving images of torture victims.

Playing a game is one thing but playing a game that takes on an existence of its own and intrudes into your life is an entirely different experience. I am reminded of a woman, eating hot curry with tears streaming down her cheeks and queried as to why she continued eating answered, "Because it's so good".

Reviewed by: Editor - 01/07

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