Final Fantasy - 20TH Anniversary   - Review

Final Fantasy - 20TH Anniversary
Ages: Everyone 10+

It was fun to go back to the games of yesteryear, 1987 to be exact. This is only my second playing of the game and I am having a ball. First off I have a lot of respect for originals. They convey the essence of all the energy of the original dreamers and that is a very, very worthwhile experience.

The game is simpler that the later ones, pick three buddies and off you go. I forgot how fanciful the opponents were pythons, cockatrices, wolves, vampires and ultimately Marilith sexy and strong. They come at you in ordered formation. Splendid. Each one of your team mates has special attributes making it simple to keep track. The cut scenes are beautiful and the animation sparkling on the wide screen PSP.

It's a menu driven, turn based battle system. You are assigned your three compatriots, get your mission from the king, go into town and spend your gils on weapons, armor, magic and useful items to fight all sorts of dastardly and gorgeously ugly enemies. The Bestiary contains over 200 monsters, so there is plenty of room for advancement. It's a good introduction to anyone who hasn't been following the Final Fantasy track.

Fun Factor: Fun to be there at the beginning.
Female Factor: At this point - women deal magic and heal.
Player Friendly: Simple commands: attack, defend, magic, items, equip and flee.

Reviewed by: Editor - 08/07

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