Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th - Review

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th
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Hey Its nice to be back in N'Orleans and following Gabriel Knight around while he tries to solve the puzzles of the Voodoo murders - ostensibly for his next mystery book. Some settings are so detailed, their complexities are almost stories in themselves. St. George's Books - a cross between book and antique store is dominated by an imposing chandelier but still makes space for a coffee dispenser to satisfy Gabriel's caffeine needs; the Dixieland Drug Store, aglow with candles and bottles of strange contents; the Voodoo Museum, both fascinating and ominous with implements for devilish rites.

In the first two days many of the major characters are introduced: Golden-eyed Malia Gedde the beauty that ensnares Gabriel, Detective Mosely - friend and confidant, Girl Friday, Saturday and Sunday - Grace, whose snappy comments keeps Gabriel in line and Dr. John, owner of the Voodoo Museum, a giant of a man, clad all in white with a polite and slightly contemptuous air. Slowly, Jane Jensen draws you deeper into danger that involves an ancient betrayal by Gabriel's ancestor. Good stuff.

This is a point and click adventure movement is constrained to the frame of the scene. Dialog choices appear when Gabriel encounters other characters and provides a list of topics that move the story along. Additional information can be found in the morning newspaper and reading it along with the coffee is a good idea. Grace will do research as Gabriel requests. Icons are at the bottom of the screen, Inventory is on the right, the book icon provides hints, and a journal, the star icon, a treat, is for messages from Jane and some 1993 sketches for comparison with the current images. A little noticed icon on the top left puts information tags on the objects in the scene. A heavily accented Narrator's voice intrudes to comment on items and actions can be turned off.

Jane Jensen is at heart a story teller so you get introduced to Voodoo with all its rituals and trappings bit by bit through characters, research and Gabriel's detective work. The graphic novel - dredged in fire and darkness provides the back story to Gabriel's heritage a recommended read when you are halfway through the game.

Disclaimer: I still own the 1993 version of Sins of the Father but it doesn't play on my current computer. Gabriel, It's so good to have you back.

Fun Factor: Engrossing and that's my kind-of fun
Female Factor: Grace becomes more and more important. Malia is Malia
Player Friendly: Hints good, controls good, lots of information here.

Reviewed by: Editor - Sep/14

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