Girl with a heart of ... - Review

Girl with a heart of ...
Rating: NR - Not Rated

Some seriously wonderful things are coming out in downloads. Often the lack of fancy graphics is made up for by engaging story, excellent voices, original music and they can have the attribute of staying in your mind long after the game is over.

In this case, we are treated to a reverse world where blackness is good and light, destructive. In this underworld realm of Underfoot, Raven, the young protagonist finds out that her heart has been replaced with a artificial one that gives her extraordinary power to acquire and amplify magic spells. Obviously this will prove to be useful since the city is preparing for a disastrous attack by the forces of light. She acquires a sorcerer as her magic instructor and a friend of her mother's to give her shelter and friendship since she becomes orphaned early in the game. Action progresses through dialog sometimes almost too much, and soon it becomes apparent that there are numerous choices and alliances to be made. Decisions as to who can be trusted, and who to be loyal to are difficult choices for an eleven-year old.

Searching on the net I found information that the game was the effort of the Less Wrong community that is working to understand how humans make decisions and was conceived as an educational tool. I can't substantiate this but looking at their site it seems entirely possible. Less Wrong is a community blog devoted to refining the art of human rationality.

The game can be downloaded from BentSpoonGames
$5.99 for Mac and PC; $2.99 for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, or Android.

Fun Factor: Captivating
Female Factor: Female protagonist
Player Friendly: Text hard to select on Android

Reviewed by: Editor - Dec/11

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