Guilty Party - Review

Guilty Party
Rating: E - Everyone

Loved it at E3 and love it even more with time to review it. From the very beginning the charming characters, lively graphics and the family interactions sets the mood for a fun adventure. It is similar to the old board game, Clue, where you went from room to room to gain clues to be able to identify the perp. In this case the story expands from the mansion to various outside locations. The game pleads for family involvement with the choices of characters to play - the Commodore's wife, son, daughter, his in-laws, grandchildren and black belt karate grandmother. The Commodore is retired and above detecting, but can be counted on for hints. You can play cooperatively, competitively or solo playing against the computer but putting more of these zany characters into play makes it more fun.

Each different room has a puzzle to solve which will provide a clue, and when you finish all the rooms (be they be in a mansion, train or aquarium) you will have enough information to identify who the guilty party is by their height, hair, gender and girth. In spite of the simple characteristics, quite a lot of deduction is necessary. Story and perp change with each replay - a very nice touch. In fact the game has many nice touches and is well balanced to provide fun for the entire family - well maybe not the dog. Put this one one your Holiday List.

Fun Factor: Amusign dialog. A rare fun mystery.
Female Factor: You go, Grandma!
Player Friendly: Navigation works well.

Reviewed by: Editor - Nov/10

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