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Nance Drew -- Secret of the Old Clock
Ages: Everyone

It is such fun to be back in Nancy Drew's shoes again. From some of the dialog in the game, it feels like this is Nancy's first case. Remember the Star Wars prequels? In Secret of the Old Clock Nancy's client is Emily Crandall who has recently lost her mother and is in jeopardy of losing the Lilac Inn and perhaps her mind. Making matters worse, Josiah Crowley, an eccentric friend, who had promised that the Emily's mother would be his beneficiary had, in his last will and testament, left his entire fortune to his live-in psychic.

The main characters/suspects are Richard Topham the psychic, Jane Willoughby, a longtime friend of her deceased mother, who is temporally helping out, and Jim Archer, executor of the estate and the head of a bank in financial trouble. Nancy's first thought is to question whether there was another will. This leads to putting together clues, solving puzzles involving clocks and locks, poetry and hidden passageways, with time out for a few rounds of miniature golf.

In this game, Nancy drives her blue coupe all around town over a maze-like map. It is another puzzle. You have to avoid hazards, fix flat tires and remember not to run out of gas. It is set in the 1920's and gas is humorously 15 cents a gallon - full service. The tone of the game is light and fun, driving around opens up the "in house" feel, the time the game is set in eliminates computers and memo pads and cell phones. At the very end, the culprit is found out, things are set aright and Nancy is on her way to her detective career. The "Second Chance" option steps you back before your false step and gives you another chance.

Reviewed by: Editor - 08/05

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