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Nancy Drew - The Final Scene
Rating: Everyone

Let's see now - Nancy has been in a TV studio, a San Francisco Victorian hotel, a castle turned into a ski lodge and now a theatre that Houdini played in. For those who play all of the Drew mysteries, the floor plans are hauntingly familiar: The double corridor in an H plan, secret room in the attic or cellar and the entrance door that never opens (except in the first mystery), telephone calls that can be helpful or annoying and the importance of setting the clock alarm to the appropriate time for action.

This one takes place a famous old theatre that will be demolished in three days and Nancy must find her friend who has disappeared into the theatre before the wrecking ball strikes. The interiors are great - lots of crimson velvet and gold and you can wander around the balcony, the orchestra, and stage. The Houdini theme and magic apparatus are wonderful, and the lippy popcorn vendor with his goal to save the endangered building are all good additions. Like all Nancy Drew mysteries, they are not easy, and it will take most players a good long time to solve it. Fortunately the ability to get a second chance helps as does the online hint website Yet, I think that it would be better if, at the simplest level it could provide more hints and directions. It would go a long way to keep the 10 year olds from getting too frustrated and giving up. It's too good a game not to be able to play it though. And while I am at it, all of the Nancy Drew games could use a little more light on the areas where clues or exits exist. Players shouldn't overlook clues or passages because they are too dark to see. That's a cheap shot.

Editor Review 3/02

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