Nancy Drew; The Shattered Medallion - Review

Nancy Drew; The Shattered Medallion
Rating: E - Everyone

For this adventure Nancy is hanging-out in the great outdoors New Zealand to be specific. It doesn't start out as a mystery but you know Nancy wherever she is, something nefarious will require her attention. But for a short while Nancy and George are just competitors in a reality TV contest Pacific Run; solving puzzles at every step of the way, learning about New Zealand's flora and fauna. An accident sidelines George and brings out another friend, Bess. Sonny Joon, whose presence was woven through earlier games, in this episode becomes a real character. So, it's a little like home week and maybe presages more of Nancy's friends being involved in future episodes.

Education has always played big part in Nancy Drew games. It's as though meeting some Calvinistic requirement that if you play, you must also be learning. Mostly I find it enjoyable here if feels a little forced. Maybe it's because outdoors is not ND's best location they are much better with mansion interiors, secret rooms and hidden passages.

I wanted a better integration of puzzles than the Puzzle Palace, which feels incongruous here in the backwoods camp. Nonetheless, many of the puzzles are clever and a bit more unusual than the normal ND fare.

Fun Factor: Too much of a "young" adventure. Needs more sophistication
Female Factor: Plenty of females - not all nice.
Player Friendly: No problems - hints if you wish.

Reviewed by: Editor - May/14

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