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Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon
Ages: Teen

All aboard another Nancy Drew mystery. This one breaks from the usual format of placing the action within a building -- you are on a train hurdling towards Blue Moon Canyon in search of what happened to Jake, the wealthy prospector who disappeared leaving this magnificent train abandoned.

Private, custom trains are hard to come by these days and so it is a great pleasure to wander around this one. There are five cars, Dining car - where the action starts and you meet with the lumpin Hardy Boys; Sleeping car -- quiet except for puzzles; Camille's car -- belonging to Jake's dead wife who was a collector of dolls; Jake's car -- one of the locked cars filled with fantastic machinery; and finally the Caboose -- also locked but opulently furnished when you finally get there.

The puzzles will require you to remember things, read books and old papers and put them together. Most are pretty easy but I blanched at the city puzzle -- guess I am not observant enough. None of the characters move from their assigned position after Lori disappears -- oops, I forgot to mention that she is the one who initiated the search. Nancy does make it to the canyon and so there is some running around there.

Nancy Drew mysteries were always good but somehow Her Interactive has infused more pleasure and brightness into them. Nobody sings or dances but the player enjoys spending time with the cast of characters.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/05

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