Nancy Drew  Legend of the Crystal Skull  - Review

Nancy Drew Legend of the Crystal Skull
Ages: Everyone

I have been an avid follower of Her Interactive's Nancy Drew games from #1 to #17 and so am sensitive to the slightest changes. Legend of the Crystal Skull is spookier the action taking place in a large cemetery; there is a change of focus from a complex interior to a complex garden and cemetery; a bit more humor; better lip sync and facial expressions; the inclusion of Bess as an active player in an alternate location; enhanced graphics and shadows, and while we still don't see Nancy, we can track her shadow in the overhead views.

The basic plots follows the established Her Interactive formula that hints at, but has no really violent crime, lots of dialogue to pick up clues and plenty of graphic puzzles. In this episode, Nancy is in search of a valuable relic a crystal skull which is to protect its owner from death by natural causes. Does that mean that it's owner Bruno Bolet died of unnatural causes? You will spend time exploring in a dark mansion, lit only by candles (power failure), a rain drenched garden and cemetery, unlock mausoleums, and search through an antique shop in New Orleans before you find the answer. Remember to follow the hints and read through books completely. As always, there is the "Second Chance" option that returns you to the time before you made that fatal mistake.

With so many games going up in price to above fifty dollars, it a gift to get so much pleasure and entertainment for under twenty.

Fun Factor: One of the finest Nancy Drews
Female Factor: Nan is a great role model
Player Friendly: Second Chance -- a great idea.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/07

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