Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device - Review

Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device
Rating: E - Everyone

The game is a geek girls delight. Her Interactive has finally plunked Nancy Drew down into the middle of STEM. You might recognize this as Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and do they make up for lost time. The lab is filled with high-voltage cables snaking across the floor, robots, fume hoods, beakers, microscopes, shelves of reagents including hydrofluoric acid so nasty it can't be stored in a glass bottle. There is a photolithography lab where get to use a 3D printer and create your own card to restart the Tesla coil. In the mean time there's lots of information about Nikola Tesla an important name in the scientific cognoscenti circles he invented AC (Alternating Current). Nan even gets to experience high voltage electrical charges while safely ensconced in a Faraday cage - a metal mesh box. It's less exciting at the beginning when you get the rundown on the scientist's death and have to decipher lots of codes and passwords. The night and day functions are well done here and easy to use. In true Nancy Drew fashion there are puzzles every step of the way. Sometimes I feel like picking up a Nancy Drew book and just reading it.

In passing this is only the second game where an actual death takes place. The other was in the first one, Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill. It's an amazing record 27 mysteries with only two murders.

Fun Factor: Finally a mystery in a lab
Female Factor: Great rspunky heroine
Player Friendly: Easier day/night function and good choice of levels

Reviewed by: Editor - Dec/12

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