Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED - Review

Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED
Rating: E-10+ - Everyone 10+

If you are a true Nancy Drew fan, you need this one to complete you collection. And if you are like me, a true fan, you have already played the original and question, "What do they mean by remastered?" It's almost a complete re-do. The locations are the same but the characters have been 3D'ed, backgrounds fleshed out, puzzles are new - but still lots of them in posters; school still looks the same with its confusing corridors but now the trash cans are labeled "recycle", and the ending is different. And, the original came on two disks which you had to keep swapping.

The story takes place in a school after one of the students has been murdered, and Nancy goes in posing as new student. It's the only game where there is murder and a gun. There's so much new that even if you have played it before, you will still enjoy it as a new game. Hybrid disk plays on both PC and Mac.

Fun Factor: ND is always good.
Female Factor: Hooray for Nancy
Player Friendly: OK but would be nice to have a more detailed manual

Reviewed by: Editor - Sep/10

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