Nancy Drew Treasure in the Royal Tower - Box

Nancy Drew Treasure in the Royal Tower
Ages 10 and up

Lucky you, there is a new Nancy Drew - just in time for the holidays. This one is number 4 and for those of us who are familiar with Nancy's escapades - the castle layout is hauntingly familiar. But it's not the same and usual settings are not there - which serves to make the exploration more enjoyable.

This is a wander game with relevant puzzles to be solved before the entire mystery comes to a conclusion. On-screen and spoken dialog with people that come and go makes the castle feel a little less creepy and desolate. Alarm clocks, letters and phones connect you to the present day. Things happen at different time of day and night - hence the alarm clock. This is a useful feature in all Nancy games. Her Interactive knows that girls don't like to start games over when catastrophic events happen - they have a step back feature that allows the player to step back in time to change the outcome. I have used it many times. There is a secret involving Marie Antoinette and hidden treasures in this twisted, mysterious castle with its dead ends, locked room and forbidding tower - and you help Nancy to discover it. When you get stuck - try the message board at

Editor Review 11/01

  • Nancy Drew Treasure in the Royal Tower
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