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Nosferatu - The Wrath of Malachi
Ages: Mature Blood, Violence

This one was a planned Halloween release and fills the need for a Dracula-like theme game. You play the scion of a noble but poor and very large family. The whole Patterson family traveled to the future-husband's castle to be present at the wedding of their daughter to the Romanian Count. Put up for the night they find that they are locked in their rooms. By the time you arrive the next day your entire family has disappeared. It is essential that you find and rescue the members of you family before you take on the Dark Boss because from them you will get the weapons you need to fight and win the battles. You will have to do with period and vampire type weapons - holy water, crucifix, cane sword and musket. The castle layout and hazards change with each playing so there's replay value - if you can stand it.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/03

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