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Ages: Everyone

Remember Age of Empires where you had to build cities, farmers, builders, create whole communities? Well, in Perimeter it is somewhat simplified. You have terrain levelers, builders and fighters - a wide variety of fighters. Easy you think, not so. Energy is of course a basic need so you start constructing a generating station. But wait -- you are being attacked. You need soldiers. Do you have them? - No. Can you get them -- Well, yes if you can find the soldier making plant on the Basic Units Pallet. Oops there goes your power station and then falls your Frame, Mission Failed. And you have been responsible for the deaths of thousands.

The game has some clever bits. You can slow the action down or speed it up but still dawdling is not rewarded. To make playing even harder, the different pallet frames are difficult to see access for a game that requires quick decisions.

For me -- I have to have a good reason for doing all this building and fighting. I mean, a super red convertible space jet, a condominium on Mars, jewels would be nice rewards. This pathetic back story that, "The Spirits are with us still -- and by their prescient sight shall we achieve our destiny" doesn't work for me -- even with Alpha and Omega.

I'm not good at these quick action games. They make me feel like I have a sauce on the stove, a crying baby in my arms and the red phone is ringing. The dilemma - drop the baby, burn the sauce, or lose the phone call. I guess this what they mean by strategy. So I am waiting to hitch a ride with someone through the Portal. Stay tuned.

Reviewed by: Editor - 08/04

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