Puddle - Review

Rating: T - Teen

For the incredibly low price of $9.99 you can download from the PlayStation Network an amazingly sophisticated game with the stupid name of Puddle. The title doesn't even hint about the physics-based accuracy you will enjoy as you move a liquid through various environments – a roller coaster, boiler, laboratory, rocket, all are tortuous tube-like runs. The graphics are realistic with complicate mechanisms resembling an upscale Rube Goldburg laboratory.

The clever bit here is that your score depends upon how much of the original liquid you finish with plus extra credit for time. Not so easy with fires, gates and buttons to activate but lots of fun. Sometime you have to accelerate the liquid, or direct it higher or lower, let it lag and collect or move quickly. This is done by tilting the field using the PlayStation® Move or the DUALSHOCK®3 wireless controller. The shoulder buttons worked best for me.

It's a brilliantly designed physics-based puzzle platform game; Puddle initially began as a project from six students from the French video game school ENJMIN, and was ultimately picked up and developed by Neko Entertainment.

Hooray for students, they gave us Portal and now Puddle.

Fun Factor: Clever and most enjoyable
Female Factor: none
Player Friendly: No problems

Reviewed by: Editor - Mar/11

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  • Platform(s): PS3 X-BOX360