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Rainbow Six 3
Ages: Mature - Violence

Shooter/Adventure games are becoming more sophisticated with more complex themes, more complex interactions. You are no longer a lone character, shooting his way through endless corridors. In Rainbow Six 3 you are working with a team, with additional outside support. The commands are very realistic as they crackle over your headset. Action orders can be acted upon immediately or held so associated orders can be amassed. This of course leads to planning strategy -- but then of course this is a Tom Clancy game.

The setting is unfortunately too close to reality. Terrorism, an oil-embargo oil crises leaves Venezuela, the last supplier of oil to the US, as the target. You, as Dig Chavez, leader of the elite anti-terrorist unit - code-named Rainbow, must save the world. Depending upon your mission, John Clark your boss, will assign you up to three team members. You have 15 missions to complete. You will be asked regularly to save you game. Do so. Remember, if you die - you lose the game. If the hostage dies - you lose the game

Reviewed by: Editor - 09/04

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