Real Heroes: Firefighter  - Review

Real Heroes: Firefighter
Rating: E - Everyone

Letting kids climb up on the fire truck is about the closest most of us have gotten to the nitty-gritty of how these guys and gals actually work. Here's your chance!

You start out as a probie, a probationary firefighter, and are introduced to the tools of the trade by the fire captain and a senior firefighter: the ax, the rotary saw, the hydraulic spreader, the hose and the halligan to pry open doors. The halligan is an awesome two prong pry bar that works better than an ax at taking down doors though smashing things with the ax can be quite satisfying. I never thought of it before, but firefighters have to go into buildings that they never have been in before - a problem in itself. You start with smaller fires and go up to the really big ones. During this time you learn how to rescue people - your remote calls out to you, become more skilled and understand your own vulnerability. It's an exciting game because you get to feel the danger, the heat, the panic when your hose runs out of water or you can't see for the smoke.

The PC controls take a bit of getting used to my mouse was a bit jerky and was distressing when time was of the essence. Home is the firehouse, the rec room and the garage. The voices are good and there is comradeship in the game that feels real. There's much to play in this game - eventually you can do some fire investigation. And yes, there is a woman firefighter. The game came out in 2009 under the Crave logo but this time it's been ported to the PC and a better buy.

Fun Factor: Intense action and learaning comobined
Female Factor: A female firefighter does apppear
Player Friendly: Mouse control can be tricky

Reviewed by: Editor - Dec/12

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