Resident Evil-Dead Aim - Box

Resident Evil-Dead Aim
Ages: Mature Blood and Gore Violence

This is a brand new story line for the gun survivor game. The resident evils have moved out of houses and onto a cruise ship. New characters; Bruce McGivern from US Statcom, Fong Ling from the Chinese Department of Safety and Morpheus Duval - and with a name like that you can tell he is the villain. But what is Resident Evil without ghastly ghouls? Morpheus obliges by releasing the "T-virus" upon his own men. There you have it - instant ghouls. There are some new techniques to help you evade death - emergency evasion, quick turn and cautious move. You'll die for the first couple of games anyway.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/03

  • Resident Evil-Dead Aim
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