Sam & Max - Season One - Wii - Review

Sam & Max - Season One - Wii
Ages: Teen

This is the funniest, most sophisticated game out there. We PC players have been rollicking over it for the last two years - We even have Season 2. You Wii players now may join us for Season One.

The humor is center in the witty dialogue as the Freelance Police, a dog and a rabbit, embark on outrageous investigations. By the time you have played through the series' six episodes - they were originally released bi-monthly - you will become fans of Bosco, who sees terrorists in every corner of his Bosco's Inconvenience Store; Agent Superball, the under cover secret agent whose disguises constantly change except for his dark glasses; and Sybil, a "short attention spanned" careerist. The episodes are equally insane:

Seeing the episodes on a big screen is a real plus, but the text for Sam in blue on black makes it difficult to see. Having played it originally on the PC, the Wii remote is an abomination. Using the wavering remote to select dialog instead of the mouse slows down the dialogue - and the verbal gags are an important part of Sam and Max.

In case you may be wondering where this outstanding comic crew emerged from - it's a spin-off from the funny bone of LucasArt. Should you need help in melding with the comic situations, Telltale Games runs a forum which gives enthusiastic support

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