Saints and Sinners Bingo  - Review

Saints and Sinners Bingo
Ages: Everyone

I looked at the title and wondered how could they make a computer game out of Bingo. They did and it's clever. Yes it's random. You can play one or two cards and your opponents come from a whole host of weird and amusing characters, hence the Saints and Sinners part. There is a timer for each call which starts out easy but speeds up as the games progress. If you miss your number there is no going back. Cards gets scrambled and the winning layout can be anything from a diagonal to a square or only the edges so there's plenty of variation.

Games are played in various cities across the country from New York to a West Coast Bingo Cruise. You start out with small venues East Schenectady Community Center, the Ohio Knights Meeting House before you get to play the casinos. There are over 25 cities with multiple levels in each. You only advance when you have earned enough money.

The designers did a good job in this one. They took what could have been a stupid game and made it fun and interesting even for non-Bingo players.

Player Friendly: It might even exercise your brain.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/07

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  • Platform(s): WVISTA XP W2K
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