Satellina - Review

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It's simple – move a cursor to eliminate the green dots as the patterns move about - intersecting circles, spirals, pinwheels. Yes, of course they get more difficult. You find yourself making strategies – wait for them to come around, start with the outside ones first, pick the hardest ones to get to. The patterns are constantly evolving, receding and of course it's timed. It feels deceptively easy and challenging enough to have you going for “just one more”.

There is a color option for those who have red-green color problems – a purple, cyan and yellow scheme, which I liked better. When you eliminate a dot there is a satisfying burping bubble sound which is a telltale as to who is playing the game accross the room. Some would prefer the music on, which adds to the sense of urgency - I prefer just the bubble sounds. An annoyance that you can work around – occasionally, if you touch the screen near the bottom, you get thrown out of the game and get Google.

Played it waiting for a Saturday brunch seating. My granddaughter beat me.

Moon Kid's puzzle game Satellina is now available for Android on the Google Play store. Worth every bit of the $1.99 price, or equivalent in your local currency. The game is also available for iPhone & iPad on the App Store.

Fun Factor: Addictive

Reviewed by: Editor - Feb/15

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