The Silver Lining - Review

The Silver Lining
Rating: NR - Not Rated

The characters and storylines are drawn from the original King's Quest VI by fans who wanted to continue the story of the royal family of the Kingdom of Daventry. Chapter Three has King Graham continuing on his quest to save his family. Evil dark clouds, premonitions, disturbing dreams and the black tower move into this episode. It is longer and more complicated that the previous episodes. Once again, pick up everything you can regardless of how irrelevant it seems - you will use it later. Graham goes from island to island to find the necessary items on a magical scroll. Puzzles often involve how to use things and are relatively easy, except for the chess/checkers one - but it's un-timed.

This is a free download game. It's a bit slow in going from scene to scene and the colors are a over the top but there is much care in it's production. All dialog is voiced, the music pleasant and the story compelling. It's a fairy tale for grownups. I wonder if a big-bucks studio like EA did the property how it would be different - they probably would have made it a shooter. Happily for us - Phoenix Online has two more episodes in the pipeline.

Fun Factor: Very enjoyable
Female Factor: Right now they are in deep sleep
Player Friendly: Instruction manual on download

Reviewed by: Editor - Jul/11

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