The Silver Lining - Review

The Silver Lining
Rating: NR - Not Rated

Rejoice, followers of King Graham, he has returned in The Silver Lining. The King's Quest games had such avid fans that there were a spate of fan-created episodes - this by Phoenix Online Studios is the latest. The format is episodic, which works well in what seems to be a group endeavor. Two episodes have already been released and the characters and familiar locations will bring joy to King's Quest fans. The first episode lays the foundation for the story and defines the main characters and their familiar relationship. At Rosella's wedding, a dark cloaked stranger casts a spell on Gram's children Rosella and Alexander. Once again Gran must shed his kingly attire and don his Robin Hood work clothes to go forth and save his children. This is, and has always been, adventures about the Daventry family. The second episode is filled with foreboding events as Gran explores the Green Isles for a potion to restore his children. There are the old memorable inhabitants and even a side quest to Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass country. If the game's title seems curiously abbreviated, it's because it was originally planned to call it King's Quest IX: Every Cloak Has A Silver Lining, but Activision, owners of the license, threatened to shut to project down with that name. Deleting the King's Quest name made it possible to publish the game.

The game is in good hands. Expect to see erstwhile villains in future episodes. I hope they keep it up. It can be downloaded for free at Perhaps they want to get us hooked before asking us to pay for it.

Fun Factor: Good to have the game continued
Female Factor: So far they are in a coma or in the bedroom
Player Friendly: Thoughtful introduction to the game. Go to for more information.

Reviewed by: Editor - Oct/10

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