The Silver Lining Chapter 4 - Review

The Silver Lining Chapter 4
Rating: NR - Not Rated

This is the penultimate chapter and the story gets darker and darker. Who can Graham trust? His wife turns out to be a Druid not only that but a black cloak as well. Nevertheless, he plods on from island to island collecting the items that he needs to fight the enchantment that has put his family into a deep trance-like sleep.

There is a lot more adventuring in this episode: a new island Isle of the Beast with a maze of hedges to get through, flying sandals that take him into the Isle of the Sacred Mountains, populated with arrogant artisans and protected by four artisan winds. He will finally confront Shadrack and in a dream sequence, you get to play Valanice and open Pandora's Box. These last two actions are quite difficult the glyphs on the box are broken into tiny-hard-to-recognize pieces and the fight scene with Shadrack is so dark that I suggest you lighten your screen (if you can) so that you can see Shradack's moves.

Here's much to be resolved in the final chapter I can hardly wait. This is a free downloaded game

Fun Factor: Very enjoyable
Female Factor: Women characters are pivotal in the plot
Player Friendly: Instruction manual in download

Reviewed by: Editor - Dec/11

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