The Sims 3 - Review

The Sims 3
Rating: E - Everyone

Electronic Arts has stuffed an incredible amount of Sims into this rectanglular cartridge that you can hold between your fingers. For those who are familiar with the PC version - in this one you only have two Sims to control, you don't 'make out' (it has an E rating) and as such you don’t have kids and your Sim doesn't' die. But otherwise it is the full Sims experience. There is an amazing amount of customization to make your Sim the person you are or the person you want to be, not only physically but personality-wise.

The top screen on the DS contains data such as Traits, Needs, Lifetime Wish and is controlled by the shoulder buttons, which leaves the touch screen to manipulate your Sim. The camera is controlled using the face button and the D-pad moves you around the area. The animation is surprisingly good, considering the size of the screen. They may be the size of ants - but you can tell what these little creatures are doing. The touch screen icons are small but once you become familiar as to what they represent, you are on your way.

Karma Powers is new in this release, and it's like having a magic genie in your pocket; some, like the Muse gives a boost to cooking and painting skills, Giant Jackpot is like winning the lottery and Casanova makes a Sim fall in love with you. Of course it wouldn’t be The Sims without the fun dark side, so you can cast fire upon your enemy or cause epic failure. How do you get Karma Power? You earn it - by collecting Lifetime Happiness points which you get by completing Wishes. It's a little more complicated than I would like - but that's the Sim's way.

Sims in my pocket - yea, yea, yea.

Fun Factor: It's the ultimate sim.
Female Factor: Player's choice
Player Friendly: Good manual and in game tutorial.

Reviewed by: Editor - Nov/10

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