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The Sims Bustin' Out
Ages: Teen Crude Humor, Mature Sexual Themes, Mild Violence

The Sims are busting out - all over all the platforms. Just when you thought Maxis was going to direct all their time and effort to develop Sims 2 - out arrives a newly tooled game, building on the strengths of each platform and to top it off, it's in 3D

The console versions are different than the GBA - which is a completely refashioned Sims game. In the consoles you will find some of standard routes to acquisition and mansion building - study hard, get a job and work you way up the ladder. Buying is still done from a catalog. But you have lots more control of the character's appearance and personality traits. There are weirder characters than in the previous games and 16 new wild and funny locations New careers are available - movie star, mad scientist, gangster, fashion maven, military and a few more that you can unlock as you advance. The additional professions, and the stronger and consistent personality traits plus the 3D brings to the game an increased sense of reality. All platforms allow for multi-play. Two person play could bring out some very interesting situations. I am trying that out over the holidays.

Although the game is rated Teen, it's teen on the upper edge of teenhood. While I haven't encountered the violence yet - there is a lot of sexual banter and situation which are too sexual for younger teens to handle.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/03

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