Vampire Legends: Power of Three  - Review

Vampire Legends: Power of Three
Rating: E - Everyone

In this game, vampires are not lovers or friends - they are the bad guys. That ism except for one of the three vampire fighters who is a White Vampire who lives without drinking blood - sort of a vegetarian vampire. Interesting concept. The protagonists are teen age siblings - two witches and one vampire - from a witch mother - so the game probably connects more with that crowd. This is basically an RPG with a clever addition - to cast a spell, you have to draw it with your stylus - accurately or it misfires. Spells and powers involve fire, water and ice. The quest is to find the six amulets in eight different locations to defeat Gorazul.

A pleasant bloodless game with nice interaction between the sibs. Works with the DS but with the DSi you can make use of the microphone and camera.

Fun Factor: Some creativity here
Female Factor: Plenty of witches
Player Friendly: OK

Reviewed by: Editor - Sep/10

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  • Platform(s): DS
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