XIII - Box

Ages: Mature

This may sound familiar. Secret agent with amnesia. wakes up with XIII tattooed on his chest and the kind of reflexes not developed at a desk job. There is a conspiracy; an assassination and a general Carrington who seem to know about your past but not willing to let you know. Can you ask for more? And yes, the voice of the amnesiac is David Dacovey.

XIII has spit screen mod for two players and cool comic book type graphics There are plenty of weapons -- crossbow, bazooka and harpoon launcher besides the usual hand guns. Searching files earns new skill and finds out more about his past. Save options are at the beginning of chapters. This is unfortunate because you do a lot of dying until you get the hang of it. The game comes in every platform with the exception of the GBC. Prices are about the same with the exception of the MAC ($39.99)

Reviewed by: Editor - 03/04

  • XIII
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