The Aristocats - Special Edition - Review

The Aristocats - Special Edition
Ages: everyone

Who doesn’t know or who couldn’t guess the story of the Aristocats if I hinted at an eccentric but wealthy woman, leaving all her money to her cats, and add a greedy butler to get the story moving.

Duchess and her three kittens, Marie Antoinette, Toulouse, and Berlioz, are kidnapped and abandoned in a deserted countryside, but end up being exposed to a new life style, guided by their savior and protector, O'Malley the cat. Romance ensues and in the end all things are set to right. A simple story but loaded with wonderful tunes and superb voice acting – Phil Harris and Eva Gabor (gads has it been that long?). The animation is vintage creamy Disney – one of the last movies produced under the master himself.

As if the movie wasn’t enough, there is lots of extra stuff on the disk. For kids there is a matching game. The disk can be played in the computer, where the players try to interpret the cat’s needs. A reward for choosing the right activity is a petite drawing opportunity. Small because there is no line erase function and drawing with a mouse is akin to drawing with a brick. In the second game, “Fun with Language”, players move the DVD remote to match words with images of musical instruments. More work needs to be done with using the arrow functions of the remote. Both are minimal games, but no one is buying this DVD for the games.

Fun Factor: Short but sweet
Female Factor: Duchess is a no nonsense cat.

Reviewed by: Editor - 02/08

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