Astonishia Story  - Review

Astonishia Story
Ages: Everyone 10+

This RPG has a couple of things going for it. The graphics are quite wonderful. More detail is applied to the sprites than seems possible. Little touches like doves flying, clouds and shadows are nice touches. The control systems is a group of five actions -- attack, run, .item, statistics, skill/magic, move, and end, gathered together at the lower left of your screen. You move your cursor over the action you choose. It really avoids button mashing. Saves can be done anytime through a separate menu -- anytime except in the midst of battle. Wandering around and exploring is too often interrupted by running into enemies and having to engage in battle. The game play takes place in the open fields, dungeons and in a village. While there are numerous characters involved in the game -- it is sometimes difficult to make out the good guys from the bad guys. I love the PSP, but this is not a game for it. Only those RPG addicts who need a game in their pocket will be satisfied.

Reviewed by: Editor - 09/06

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