Avatar - The Last Airbender  The Burning Earth - Review

Avatar - The Last Airbender The Burning Earth - DS
Ages: Everyone 10+

Often the DS comes out with it's own twist on the game. In this case, Aang and his team, before getting into a melee, explores General Fong's compound and does a few community services, finding a dog, herbs for the infirmary and unwrapping the bandages of some of the injured warriors. Before General Fong forces a confrontation there is a serious discussion about how the "Power" should only be used when absolutely necessary, how frightening to the team and to Aang himself it is to be so angry as to bring on the Avatar State. An interesting message for the kids playing the game.

If you are familiar with the show - you know that fighting looms large in the series. Not just fighting, but elegant fighting with sweeping arm motions and spinning kicks. One look at the button assignment tells you that they tried hard to give you as much power and style they could.

There is a tutorial, absent from the consoles, which is well worth taking. The touch screen is used to display the two active characters and to switch between them. It also displays the map showing the movement of the characters. It was fun to move the character on the top while watching the progress on the bottom screen. While the touching function was minimal it was an interesting use of two screens.

Fun Factor: good story - good game.
Female Factor: Equal bender represemtation - Toph and Kateria.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/07

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