Back to the Future: The Game - Review

Back to the Future: The Game
Rating: NR - Not Rated

Love what TellTaleGames did with the characters and hated the story. Back to the Future was a sappy, sentimental story of teen-romance and possibilities - the only clever thing was using the DeLorean for a time machine. It was a hit back in 1985, Regan-time, and won many awards and it feels old. Perhaps TTG's sharpening of it will update it.

TTG enhanced the characters so that Marty (Michael J. Fox) in some light reminds me of Guy Threepwood; George McFly is even more nerdy and smarmy, so that after his third admonition to George you want to crush him underfoot; that leaves Biff and Doc Brown, both extreme characters - one offensive and the other borderline crazy.

TTG is too creative to be bogged down with a movie story - and you know how games made from movies turn out. TTG's stories are beyond inventive and surprising. TTG's dialogue and humor come from a deep understanding of our art and culture. TTG's graphics are a perfect fit for their wacky stories. Now they are going to be busy doing dumb movie story-games.

A trailer for the game suggests you buy it from Do so. TTG will be donating one dollar from every Back to the Future: The Game ordered from the Telltale Games Store to Team Fox, Michael J. Fox's foundation that's committed to Parkinson's disease research. And you'll get a free copy of Puzzle Agent so you can see what these guys can do when cut loose. The first of 5 episodes is available now, the remaining episodes will be issued monthly. The complete set is $24.95. The game will be on the PlayStation Network February 15.

Fun Factor: Ye gods - they mention "series"

Reviewed by: Editor - Feb/11

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