Back to the Future: Citizen Brown - Review

Back to the Future: Citizen Brown
Rating: NR - Not Rated

Chapter 3 - Citizen Brown This episode moves our hero into a time warp that resembles the world in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four. Prohibitions abound, everyone is under surveillance, political correctness is the guiding force. Doc has becomes a tyrant - or is there someone else controlling the strings? And what's with Marty's Dad? Seems that Edna Strickland's timelines got twisted back to 1931. The plot thickens. Doc, Marty, Emmett, and Edna bop through the years 1876, 1931, 1939 and finally to 1986 trying to get things straightened out. Of course they don't - this is only chapter 3, we have two more to go.

Fun Factor: To really enjoy you have to have played the previous episodes
Female Factor: Edna and Trixi are more than bit players
Player Friendly: Good Help

Reviewed by: Editor - Jul/11

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