Back to the Future: Outatime - Review

Back to the Future: Outatime
Rating: NR - Not Rated

And now on to the conclusion. Who marries whom is pretty much the crux of the series. The time travel commandment, "Thou shall not change anything." is seriously abused through all four episodes. Characters change and age, new stories and people appear, a grandfather unceremoniously drops in (voiced by Michael Fox) - its been a wild ride. Telltale Games pretty much ties up the loose ends by the concluding episode. But what does it mean that the ending screen states, "To be Continued"? I, for one, have had enough of time travel. Some of us are patient enough to play and wait for each episode to come through. Others like myself like to wait till all the episodes area available - either way the cost is $24.95.

Fun Factor: To really enjoy you have to have played the previous episodes
Female Factor: Edna and Trixi come through
Player Friendly: Good Help

Reviewed by: Editor - Jul/11

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