Barbie-Fashion Show: An Eye For Style - Review

Barbie-Fashion Show: An Eye For Style
Ages: Everyone

This game was originally called Barbie Fashion Show, it was on the PC and came out in 2000. It was an excellent game then - it is an excellent game now. It put together all the activities involving fashion design, starting with an assignment, progressing though creating the actual design, front and back, to picking accessories, choosing the model to wear the creation and eventually to parading out onto the runway. Each section is fully fleshed out; in the design section - color, patterns and decals; accessories - hair and shoes; model choice - 5 males and 5 females to choose from; runway - runway patterns, decoration, lighting; model pose - select poses at various points in the walk.

Dual screens, held vertically, are used for views of selections. Both sides of the DS are used for the studio giving a nice wide image. Either side is activated by pressing the door. The designers did a good job of porting the game to the DS and have made excellent use of the two screens. Barbie sounds the same, is looking slightly older, more business-like but still glamorous. Regardless of your feeling about the icon, the Barbie games were always well put together and functioned flawlessly.

Fun Factor: Absolutely
Female Factor: The newer Barbie is not a flea brain and can most certainly do math.
Player Friendly: Games are saved upon exiting but no mention of it in the manual.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/08

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