Bejeweled 3 - Review

Bejeweled 3
Rating: NR - Not Rated

PopCap has made this classic popular match-3 game even better, yes, they have improved on perfection. It was always hard to put down, the mesmerizing clicks and cascading gems sounds. I admit to having only having played the original but much has been added since. There is the Zen mode where you can regulate your breathing to the sounds on the screen; select ambient sounds - rain leaves, forest, surf; pick out a soothing mantra or, using earphones, turn on binaural beats (different frequencies played in each ear). I had a hard time leaving this one.

If you don't want to chill out while you are playing the game, there's plenty more. Besides the original game modes, there are exciting new ones: Ice Storm where you have to push down ice columns with the weight of the gems; Poker which translates matches to cards and Quest which offers 40 new concepts, from strategies that play out on the bottom range of gems that dig, to the top range with butterflies.

The crystal sharp hi-rez graphics make the gems dazzling 3D hunks which cascade which explode brilliantly as you make matches. It's a game that everyone can enjoy. And it's the only game that can say it is a stress reducer. If you want to give it as a gift you can go to: and get a gift certificate suitable for sending or snuffing into a stocking. Otherwise, simply download it - $19.95

Fun Factor: Better than ever
Female Factor: Women like jewels - could also be shoes.
Player Friendly: Sufficient in-game instruction

Reviewed by: Editor - Dec/10

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