The Blackwell Deception - Review

The Blackwell Deception
Rating: N/A - Rating Not Applicable

Like the previous episode, Blackwell Convergence, the games starts out with an easy assignment a yacht that seems to be piloted by a ghost. Once solved we get down to the nitty-gritty of the game. Rosa gets a call from an old co-worker who needs her help in finishing his assignment on fake psychics. Upon going to his apartment we find that he is a ghost unaware that he is dead. Who killed him? Rosa takes on the assignment.

We soon encounter ghosts of persons harmed after consulting the psychic, Lisa Tenzen Jamie,a college student and Tiffany in heartbreak mode. The plot begins to thicken considerably with interesting supporting characters Danny Marconi, Detective Durkin, Madeline again, and Gavin, a powerful half human, half spirit adversary. It brings in a new level of complexity the possibility of a supernatural mafia and outer-world alliances. The characters are developing also Joey enjoys a kissing episode with another ghost and Rosa becomes pro-active in the pursuit of this demon which actually puts her life in danger. We also learn more about Joey who has sidestepped any efforts by Rosa to know more about him. It all holds together beautifully.

Watch the scroll at the end of the game. Dave Gilbert who knows how hard it is to be an indi producer has given generous credit to all who worked on his game including pictures of all the voice actors strange how some of them look like the characters they play.

Fun Factor: Sooo good
Female Factor: Rosa becomes more powerful
Player Friendly: No problems

Reviewed by: Editor - May/14

  • The Blackwell Deception
  • Author: Dave Gilbert
  • © Wadjet Eye Games
  • Platform(s): W7 Vista XP
  • Game Site: $9.99
  • To order: Download Steam $9.99