Blue Toad Murder Files  - Review

Blue Toad Murder Files
Rating: NR - Not Rated

In the flurry of the holiday season - we overlooked this amusing British murder mystery. While originally a episodic adventure, all six episodes are now available. Just fine for me - I hate waiting for episodes.

The entire Blue Toad detective agency, Lambert Vanderbosh, clearly the senior member, Hanna Dakota, the American import, Dick Dickens the public schoolboy and senior citizen Margery Maple have taken a much needed vacation to the peaceful village of Little Riddle. Singly, you can play as any character, the plot line is the same for all but the repartee is keyed to the character. The four characters allow competitive play for up to four people. With the nice distribution of age and gender, it's prefect family game.

Murder dogs your tracks. No sooner do you speak to the Mayor, he is shot dead. Characters about to give information meet a quick untimely end. No time is wasted in getting you to solve the mystery. Navigation is simple - clicking on a sign will take you to the location. Your job is to observe and question the suspects. Eventually you will draw a conclusion as to the guilty party. The voice-over guide in the game is free with his praise as you successfully solve puzzles but equally sarcastic when you do poorly. All solutions to puzzles are given if you do not solve them.

Puzzles are interspersed (80 of them) with interrogations which after the third episode, clever though they may be, I found tiring and wanted to get to the chase. Each of the six episodes: Little Riddle's Deadly Dilemma, Mystery of Riddle Manor, Mastery of Concealing Flame, Death from Above, Riddles of the Past, Flight of the Felonious Fugitive all end as cliff- hangers and each episode builds onto a yet more complex mystery. The plots are simple, in fact absurd, which gives the whole thing an air of a penny dreadful. It is much like a simpler version of the detective family in Guilty Party. If you liked one - you will like the other - humorous mysteries are hard to find.

Fun Factor: Amusing puzzle mystery
Female Factor: Hanna Dakota and Margery Maple - fun female characters
Player Friendly: No problem downloading

Reviewed by: Editor - Feb/11

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