bookofcool - Review

Ages: 10+

The bookofcool (Volume 1) is a set of two UMD video disks for the PSP. These disks contain "films showing world champions and experts demonstrating and teaching some of their most impressive skills & tricks". The demonstration of skills is quite impresive, although this set leans heavily on tricks. You get to see 13 activities, ranging from Skateboard Tricks, through Rugby Kicks to Casino Skills. Many of the sequences have a repeat mode where they can be set to loop over and over, giving you a chance to absorb the details of the particular skill or trick. Some of them also have a kind of diagram mode that follows the progression of the skill or trick.

If you don't know what an ollie or a grind or rail or a hesitation crossover is, this will certainly enlighten you. While the prowess of all the presenters is amazing, their instructional abilities are varied. I was most impressed in that respect with the Casino Skills segment. This set is an outgrowth of the original series of printed books, and contains:

Disk 1
Disk 2
Street Basketball
Golf Skills
Freestyle Football Moves
Casino Skills
Footbag/Hacki-sack Moves
Pen Spinning
Scooter Tricks
Skateboard Tricks
Street Football Moves
Rollerblade Skills
Frisbee Throws
Cards & Magic
Rugby Kicks

Reviewed by: Lou - 01/07

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