Brainiversity - Review

Ages: Everyone

I am a fan of those intelligence tests were you sort, match, remember - this is a little like those tests but they start off easier and are more colorful. Many of these activities (let's not call them tests) are the same as those found in many casual games - here you have the puzzles without the story. Mr. Lightbulb introduces the four activity classes - language, math, memory, and analysis. Within these groups are sixteen activities - to name a few - building words, counting sides on polygons, picking out words by color, memorizing phone numbers and names to faces - I could use a little more practice on this one.

Daily progress on all four activities is indicated by graphed scores. I would have preferred a chart on the individual tests instead of the total score of all four tests so you know you need more practice on math skills but you are an ace on analysis. Play can be in English or Spanish. The charts will accommodate input from 6 different people. Additional activities are unlocked after you complete your daily exam. Other activities are available under Practice - these are not scored on your daily graph. In options you an change the screen size, vary music and turn off the voice of a truly annoying garble of Mr. Lightbulb.

Scoring is confusing at first, until you realize that it takes into consideration the number of answers done - everything is timed even if you don't hear the clock ticking in the last few seconds. Keep it on your computer - use it as a stress reliever - can't hurt.

Games comes in hybrid form for both PC and Mac and can be ordered through .

Reviewed by: Editor - 05/08

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