Bust a Move Bash! - Review

Bust a Move Bash!
Ages: Everyone

I have played Bust a Move on the GBA way back in 2000 and on the PS2 in 2001 and I gotta tell you this is the best one. I was expecting the boring bit of an old-gen game on the next-gen machine, but the Wii really gives a whole different feel to the game.

There are four different game modes, Puzzle you aim bubbles to make groups of three of the same color to eliminate them and clear the screen. Endless as it says, screens-full of bubbles descend upon you. With Versus you can have from 2 to 8 real live players. If playing solo you play against a single AI player. Whoever shoots down the most jewel bubbles wins. The Shooting mode is the new addition. You must match the color of your sight with the bubble you are targeting, and the color of your sight keeps changing. Hit the wrong color and your remaining time decreases.

To increase the challenge, different bubble types, such as rainbow, bomb, jewel, metal will act as facilitators or obstacles. Different configurations make hitting bubbles harder and you have to resort to ricocheting them off the walls. The music must have been OK because I don't remember it. By picking different areas on a 3D map, you get different backgrounds. I liked the city one the best. It was dark and made the bubbles look even sharper. The bubbles are pretty and when you get a chain reaction that has them all cascading down it is very satisfying also addicting and non-violent.

Fun Factor: Engaging, non-violent addicting game.

Reviewed by: Editor - 06/07

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