Captain N and the New Super Mario World - Review

Captain N and the New Super Mario World
Ages: General audiences

Captain N: Game Master was an animated TV series. It started syndication in 1992 as Captain Nintendo and the show incorporated elements from favorite Nintendo games. Identifying these references contributed much to the fun of the series. This is the third and final season of Captain N. The show was divided into two parts one Captain N and the other, The New Super Mario World. Both are in this two disk set which comprises 20 episodes.

The Captain's mission is to protect Videoland from Mother Brain, Nintendo's main computer that went rogue. He is armed with a zapper, and a belt buckle shaped like a NES, and is accompanied by Kid Icarus, a young angel fighter armed with a bow, Lana the princess, Duke the dog, vampire hunter Simon Belvedere and, tiny Mega Man.

The Mario Brother with Princess Toadstool and dinosaur Yoshi need no introduction. All through the episodes you can just see the platformer games.

Mario Episodes
Fire Sale, The Wheel Thing, Send in the Clown, Ghosts R Us, King Scoopa Koopa, The Night Before Cave Christmas, Born to Ride , Party Line, Gopher Bash, Rock TV, The Yoshi Shuffle, A Little Learning, Mama Luigi.

Captain N Episodes
Misadventures in Robin Hood Woods, Pursuit of the Magic Hoop, Return to Castlevania. Totally Tetrisized, Battle of the Baseball-Know-It-Alls, A Tale of Two Dogs, The Fractured Fantasy of Captain N

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Reviewed by: Editor - 11/07

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